About Greg Counard

An honest, professional, and down to earth tattoo artist

Photo of tattoo artist and owner of Endless Expansion Custom Tattoo Greg Counard and Wife Alyssa
Greg Counard tattooing a client
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Early Artistic Influences and Inspiration

My strongest early artistic influences came from the pages of graphic novels/comic books, weird cartoons/anime, skateboard deck art, graffiti, punk rock/hip-hop/soundscape, meditation, nature, and psychedelia.

Unique and Custom Artwork for Every Tattoo

Having high standards for custom tattoos means cutting corners is never an option. Highest level of tattoo planning and execution is essential in making sure your work of art looks great and fits perfectly on your body.

In order to create unique and custom artwork for every client, extensive research goes into understanding the motivations behind your tattoo. These details get incorporated to add more individualized character to your tattoo.

Custom bear tattoo by Green Bay, WI tattoo artist Greg Counard

I got to meet Greg a few years back and very happy I did. Best work I could ever ask for. He's amazing at what he does really dedicated at getting what you want. Even watched some Dragon Ball Super to get a feel of everything. He goes above and beyond to make you feel at home and safe and to give you the best work possible. 100% would recommend him for your next tattoo. Thanks again man love the work.

Micah Hall
Colorful custom elephant tattoo by Green Bay, WI tattoo artist Greg Counard

Conscientious and Thoughtful Tattooing

I hold a very deep respect for tattooing and am very conscientious with everything I do. Therefore, I only take on projects that I'm 100% confident in. Which sometimes means I'm not for everyone. If you're better suited with another artist I have no problem giving recommendations for a style that would fit your needs.

In the end my motivations are to give you something that will timelessly hold your love and is form fit to your body and character.

Greg is an unbelievably talented artist. He can free hand like a boss and every detail is thought through. Everything is custom and meaningful never repeated. He makes getting a tattoo more than what it is, he makes it an experience. I highly recommend to anyone who wants high quality, one of a kind, beautiful art on their skin.

Danielle Marie

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